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Shawn Daschuk - B.Sc. Land Use and Environmental Studies

Shawn’s multidisciplinary degree in biology, chemistry, economics, and geography, has prepared him to work on many projects. Shawn has been working primarily in northwest Saskatchewan and north eastern Alberta. He has been involved in environmental planning and reclamation largely associated with seismic operations and wellsite/flowline construction planning and reclamation. Within these projects, Shawn has conducted initial site assessments, coordinated surface reclamation activities, supervised remediation projects, prepared Environmental Protection Plans, and managed contamination remediation projects.

The majority of the areas he has worked in have been deemed environmentally sensitive, such as First Nations Lands, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Lands, Wildlife Development Funds Lands, Duck’s Unlimited Lands, Provincial Forest Lands, Provincial Park Lands, Wildlife Protection Acts Lands, High Arctic (Permafrost environments), etc.

Shawn has the required skills in coordinating and managing multi-disciplinary environmental impact assessments, and providing advice on a day to day basis regarding environmental affairs, policies and strategic planning. This service is often critical in attaining project approval in an increasing complex regulatory environment. Through the development of good relationships with local communities, Shawn is able to manage public information and participation to significantly reduce the time required to complete the approval process, and consequently can improve the economic viability of a project.

Since November of 2002 Shawn has been managing all the environmental aspects of the 3.5 Billion dollar Nexen Inc./OPTI Canada, Long Lake Project in Fort McMurray. This project is a SAGD/Upgrader project has exposed Shawn to the process, policy and procedures to obtaining environmental approvals and ensuring environmental compliance in the oilsands.

Shawn is the President of X-Terra and majority shareholder. He is of Aboriginal ancestry

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