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Regulatory Approval Documents:

X-Terra has ample experience in assisting with the approvals process. All proposals and related documents are produced promptly and efficiently. We understand the importance of this process and the financial implication it can have on our clients.

Pre Disturbance Assessment (PDA):

  • assessments completed prior to disturbance to collect baseline data on vegetation, soil, wildlife and topography to be referred to upon reclamation. Conducted on private land in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Environmental Review (ER):

  • these reports are conducted to examine how a proposed project will impact the surrounding wildlife, vegetation, soils, surface and ground water, residents, land use, terrain and special land features. An ER will provide mitigation measures to minimize impacts. These are required on First Nation land and projects that trigger the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).

Oil and Gas Project Proposal (OGP):

  • an OGP is prepared to describe the biophysical components of the area and examines how the proposed project may impact it. An OGP provides mitigative measures and makes recommendations regarding production and final restoration. These are required on environmentally sensitive areas such as the North Saskatchewan River. These are phasing out as the RP/PP (below) becomes the standard.

Restoration Plan/Project Proposal (RP/PP):

  • these reports examine the proposed project area to describe the biophysical components and how the area may be impacted. Mitigation and recommendations regarding construction, production and final restoration are included. The Saskatchewan ministries of Environment and Agricultural require these for projects being completed on Crown land.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):

  • these illustrate how the proposed area will be impacted and provides mitigation methods, as well as production and final restoration recommendations. EIS include examinations of vegetation communities, wildlife, terrain and unique land features. These are required for projects within PFRA community pastures. The PFRA system is currently being phased out.

Private Land Checklist (PLC):

  • these are to be completed on all private land in Saskatchewan. Mitigation is required for projects under certain circumstances, such as close proximity to a wetland or sensitive species. Clearance from the Ministry of Economy is required prior to work proceeding.

Water Use Applications:

  • Prior to drawing any water in Saskatchewan, a permit is required by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. The appropriate application must be submitted.

Water Act Applications:

  • required by Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) prior to any diversion or activity affecting crown owned water.

Indian Oil and Gas Audits:

  • An environmental audit is to be completed as part of the terms and conditions set forth by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) for oil and gas wells located on First Nation lands in their first year and every five years in existence. The objective of these audits is to ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies and to ensure that facility operations and conditions are within environmental guidelines.

Surface Lease Renewal Applications:

  • these are an environmental assessment required prior to the renewal of a surface lease for oil and gas facilities within Crown lands administered by the Ministry of Agriculture in Saskatchewan.

Enhanced Approval Process (EAP):

  • this is the completion of a generic form outlining the minimum information required for each surface disposition as required under the Public Lands Act. It states how a site will be constructed, operated and reclaimed to meet acceptable environmental standards and comply with legislation administered by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD). These are conducted on Crown land in Alberta.

Environmental Field Report (EFR):

  • this is a generic form outlining information requirements for surface dispositions outside of the scope of an EAP. It states how a site will be constructed, operated and reclaimed to meet acceptable environmental standards and comply with legislation administered by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD). These are conducted on Crown land in Alberta.

Geophysical Field Report (GFR):

  • this is the completion of a form specifically for applying for a geophysical exploration approval on public land in both the White and Green areas of Alberta.

Caribou Protection Plan (CPP):

  • these are required by ESRD when proposing a project within a Caribou Management Area. CPP’s are to be submitted for approval prior to granting of surface dispositions (by October 15th in Alberta). These have been completed for the Ministry of Environment in Saskatchewan as well.

Specialized Assessments:

  • these include species at risk surveys such as Sharp-tailed Grouse surveys and Migratory Bird surveys. Also included area sensitive area assessments such as North Saskatchewan River Valley Assessments and Manitou Sand Hills Assessments.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment:

  • these are a summary of past and current site conditions as discovered through conducting a detailed desktop review of current and historical documentation and a site visit as well as interviews. Phase I ESA’s are required by financial institutions during commercial property transactions.

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