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Randy Slater - Environmental Consultant

Randy received a graduate diploma in Renewable Resources Technology at the Kelsey Institute, Saskatoon, SK in 1982. Randy is also a resident of Saskatchewan.

Prior to joining X-Terra, Randy was employed for 25 years with Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in the regulatory and compliance discipline. The last 10 years of this employment dealt specifically with managing the Ministry’s interests in industrial activities, i.e., oil and gas, mineral exploration and utilities, in northwest and central Saskatchewan. Randy has been working for X-Terra as an Environmental Consultant since 2005 working primarily as an environmental coordinator for a major SAGD project in northeast Alberta and specializing in oil and gas exploration and development projects in northwest Saskatchewan.

Randy has a thorough understanding of environmental protection concepts and environmental legislation and protocols used in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Randy was a significant contributor to designing and implementing environmental review processes and program delivery strategies for the oil and gas, mineral exploration and utility industries in Saskatchewan. Working as a regulator in Saskatchewan also provided Randy with extensive experience in consultation with various interest groups, First Nations, government agencies, and the public as well as a thorough understanding of the function and role performed by various government agencies in and outside of Saskatchewan.

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