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Mitch Byrt - Dipl. (Honours) Environmental Conservation and Reclamation

Mitch graduated from Lakeland College’s Environmental Conservation & Reclamation diploma program with honours with distinction in 2014. In his two years at Lakeland, he acquired various skills pertaining to pre and post-disturbance environmental assessment, with a considerable focus on oil and gas activity. These skills include plant identification, soil and water sampling techniques, Phase I and II environmental site assessment execution, weed management, soil classification, and various approaches to remedial operations. Since starting his career with X-Terra, Mitch has gained considerable experience conducting oil and gas related pre-disturbance assessments and Phase I and II environmental site assessments. He has also been a part of large-scale pipeline installations, water well installation and development, lease construction, gas migration testing, and seismic activity. Mitch has worked with regulators in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and has a comprehensive understanding of the application and approval processes for various projects in both provinces.

Before attending Lakeland College, Mitch was an employee on a drilling rig in northern Alberta. This experience has equipped him with a broad understanding of operations relating to upstream oil and gas activities. This includes drilling operations, down-hole tool installation, lease construction, and drilling mud chemistry.

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