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Lacey Teasdale - ATT Environmental Reclamation and Conservation

Lacey graduated from Lakeland College with a diploma in Environmental Conservation and Reclamation. This intense two-year program focused on plant identification and keying, range ecology and assessments, weed identification and management techniques, aerial photography interpretation, revegetation techniques, soil reclamation strategies and technical writing and communication skills.

Twelve years of experience in the oil and gas industry have equipped Lacey with a wide variety of environmental mitigation and regulatory knowledge. Her experience includes oilfield scouting and wellsite placement, environmental audits, spill site assessments, Phase I and II environmental site assessments in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Project Proposal and Restoration Plan preparation, lease and pipeline construction monitoring, wetland classification and impact assessment for industry and stormwater management plans, approval processes on Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) and Metis Settlement lands, pre-disturbance assessments and seismic assessment and monitoring. She has spent much time focusing on the Enhanced Application Process for obtaining approval for development on crown land in many areas of Alberta. This combined with her experience working on First Nations and Metis Settlement lands has resulted in the development of working relationships with many federal and provincial regulatory agencies. She also works as a project coordinator and an industry and regulatory liaison.

Through X-Terra Environmental Consulting, Lacey has gained experience working in a variety of landscapes and sensitive environments throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan including WHPA (Wildlife Habitat Protection Act) lands, the Manitou Sand Hills, various First Nations and Metis Settlement lands, native prairie grasslands and boreal transition forests.

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