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Kirsten Allen - M.Sc.

Kirsten has over 4 years of experience in terrestrial ecology and hydrology. Her research for her Master of Biology focused on climate change effects on alpine tundra vegetation. As a research assistant in the Northern Plant Ecology Lab during her Master’s degree, she gained experience in vegetation identification and sampling, as well as soil sampling and analysis. She acquired hydrology experience while working at both the Centre for Hydrology and at AREVA, which included both surface and groundwater study. While working with AREVA she also gained valuable experience in the mining industry in northern Saskatchewan. As a biologist with MWH Canada and X-Terra Environmental, Kirsten has worked on oil and gas projects, weed management, biophysical baseline studies, pre-disturbance assessments and environmental assessments for exploration programs. She has developed an expertise in rare plant surveys, ecological land classification, vegetation inventory, soil classification, and the statistical analysis of data. She also has invaluable experience with the coding, set-up, and maintenance of a wide variety of environmental monitoring equipment. Field work in Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Yukon has given her experience living and working in remote field locations in a variety of ecosystems.

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