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Jostein Kevinsen - M.S.E.M.

Jostein has 5 years of experience in the environmental field through a combination of research and consulting work. As a field technician, he gained valuable experience in the environmental consulting and mining industries. While working as a research assistant for Environment Canada, he was involved in climatic research projects in the Saskatchewan boreal forest and Alberta foothills. Jostein also gained experience as a GIS analyst in epidemiology while completing his Master’s program. His research for his Master of Sustainable Environmental Management focused on urban water security in the South Saskatchewan River Basin. Jostein has since further developed his skills working as a biologist with MWH Canada, Inc. and X-Terra, gaining experience in oil and gas proposals, environmental assessments, pre-disturbance assessments, and monitoring projects on First Nation’s and Crown lands in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. Jostein now leads field programs in fisheries and aquatic habitat assessments, wildlife surveys, ecological land classification inventory, and hydrological/surface water quality monitoring.

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