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Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy:

Safety is an integral part of our company's work. It is a key component on how we will operate and is there to protect ourselves, clients, other workers, property, the environment, and the public.

In support of our policy we will commit to the following:

  • Provide mechanically sound equipment that at a minimum meets all the manufacturer's specifications, maintenance, OH&S regulations and our clients' requirements.
  • Allow our clients' to inspect our equipment on a regular basis, document and correct any deficiencies.
  • Any employees that we may hire, will be trained on the OH & S requirements of our clients, Provincial OH & S regulations, and safe operating practices of our equipment.
  • Report to our client all unsafe acts, conditions or near misses that we are aware of.
  • Conduct/participate in any investigation that may arise from an accident or incident, that we have knowledge about.
  • Attend on a regular basis, if allowed, the safety meetings of our clients.
  • Attend, if requested, all training and orientation sessions of our clients.
  • Become familiar and comply with any safe work procedures that are required for us to do our job safely.
  • Become familiar with the Emergency Response Plan of our clients where it would impact us.
  • Be knowledgeable in the hazards associated with our work and be fully trained on how to deal with those hazards (e.g. H2S, WHMIS, TDGR, FIRST AID, CPR,etc.).

In support of our Policy/Program we review it annually to ensure it is meeting the intent of the Policy/Program and make any changes that improve and enhance it.

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