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Curtis Riou - P. Geo. (APEGS/APEGA), EP (ECO Canada), B.Sc. (Honours) Environmental Earth Science

Curtis has been working in the oil and gas industry since 1998 with an extensive knowledge of environmental mitigation and soil, water, and air sampling techniques and is Professional Member (Geoscience) of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) and Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). Curtis has also obtained Environmental Professional (EP) certification through Environmental Careers Organization Canada. Curtis has acted as project lead for numerous projects for the oil and gas community working on environmentally sensitive government-owned lands including arctic and aeolian environments. Curtis has also performed many Phase I, II and III Environmental Protection Plans, Project Proposals, Restoration Plans, pre-disturbance and reclamation studies.

Curtis was previously employed by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in the parks department for Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan. This developed his understanding of governmental policies within Saskatchewan. Also involved was the development and communication of programs that educated stakeholders on the integrated resources management practices for the area. This involves knowledge of First Nations culture and customs, as they are a major stakeholder for the area.

Curtis also has experience as a Soil and Terrain Specialist on a Pipeline Inspection Team on transmission throughout the Northeast United States. This involved site terrain surveys and inspection to determine susceptible areas that would cause stress corrosion cracking in natural gas transmission lines. Curtis was also a part of an advisor committee of engineers from the University of Saskatchewan for Sask Water. The committee reviewed a discussion paper for the development of an integrated water management strategy for Saskatchewan.

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