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Corey Linnen - B.Sc., P.Biol.

Corey is a member of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists with 13 years of experience working as an ecologist throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and the Northwest Territories. Starting his career as a plant ecologist working for Saskatchewan Environment, he gained valuable experience managing and conducting field studies focused on plant community ecology and preparing long term landscape management strategies for Saskatchewan provincial parks. Corey has since further developed his skills over the past 11 years while working as an ecologist with MWH Canada and X-Terra Environmental.

His studies and work experience have allowed him to gain experience in research development, environmental assessment, GIS, the statistical analysis of data, and scientific report writing. His primary roles have also included large-scale project management, scheduling, and leading teams to successfully carry out a wide range of ecological projects. Corey has completed numerous environmental assessments for large scale oil and gas programs, assessed and monitored construction activities, conducted rare plant and wildlife surveys and completed countless associated regulatory submissions, including Environmental Impacts Statements, Protection Plans, Project Proposals, NEB Applications and Mitigation Plans. His experience also includes developing and conducting research funded by the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada on the effects of disturbance on the behaviour of ferruginous hawks and the effects of oil and gas development on the distribution of grassland bird species at risk. In relation to carrying out these projects and conducting a range of surveys for species at risk, Corey has gained recognized knowledge and experience in species at risk assessment associated with development in environmentally sensitive areas. Recently Corey’s roles have also included leading the baseline biophysical assessment of projects in the Northwest Territories, including the classification of landcover and modelling of wildlife habitat suitability to facilitate the assessment of cumulative effects of oil and gas development on numerous species of conservation concern and of traditional importance.

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