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Breann Lamnek - RT (Ag), Dipl. (Honours) Environmental Protection Technology

Breann graduated from Lakeland College in Vermilion with honours with distinction from the Environmental Protection Technology program in 2007. This intensive two year program equipped her with solid technical skills in surface and groundwater assessment, water/wastewater treatment, soil and water sampling techniques, environmental auditing and waste management. Since starting her career in the environmental industry she has gained technical experience conducting Phase I and II environmental site assessments and completing soil remediation projects ranging from targeted abandoned wellsite excavations to larger scale pipeline rupture response and remediation to congested contaminated sites within city limits. Breann has taken part in remote site geosurvey drilling, deep well installation, an oil sand mine dewatering program, step testing, well development and sampling, and hydraulic conductivity testing. Breann has participated in a baseline environmental study attempting to document naturally occurring amine and nitrosamine concentrations prior to specific power plant upgrades.

From 2011 until 2012, Breann provided technical support to an expert witness regarding environmental liability litigation. In this role, Breann was responsible for reviewing thousands of documents, organizing the relevant information, and developing methods to calculate environmental liability for hundreds of properties within Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and northeastern and interior BC. During this process, Breann was familiar with environmental regulations from the above mentioned areas. Breann has also participated in writing protection plans and investigative reports for remote sites in northern Canada.

At her previous employment, Breann was a project manager and office manager. Within these roles, she received intense training relating to people management skills, budget managing, work scope development and quality assurance/control. She was responsible for the development of standard operating procedures and templates.

Breann is in good standing with the Alberta Institute of Agrology as a Registered Technologist in Agrology (RT.(Ag)) with sign off authority on Phase I and II oil and gas site investigations in Alberta. She is also in good standing with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrology as an Agrology Technologist (AT). Breann has completed her Subsoil Salinity Tool Certification for application on chloride impacted sites in Alberta.

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