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Adrian Olenick - B.Sc., P.Biol.

Adrian has over 10 years of experience in fisheries, environmental consulting and project management. Adrian completed his Bachelor of Science degree in biology with distinction at the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. During the summers of 2003 and 2004 he worked with Saskatchewan Environment as a Fisheries and Resource Technician. This employment took him to many of Saskatchewan’s parkland lakes and reservoirs to conduct test netting and stocking programs, as well as fish habitat assessments and bathymetric mapping. Adrian was also a part of a research team working on a large northern pike spawning migration study in response to proposed watershed changes due to flooding concerns by stakeholders. Adrian has considerable planning and inventorying experience for vegetation, fish and wildlife throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and has completed surveys for rare and endangered species, including ferruginous hawks, blue herons, Sprague’s pipits, burrowing owls, loggerhead shrike and northern leopard frogs, and associated risk assessment. Adrian has been involved in study design and leading of field teams in the preparation of the biophysical portions of environmental impact assessments associated with mining operations in Saskatchewan and several large exploration programs within the Northwest Territories. He has also coordinated domestic water quality sampling programs associated with exploration activities, completed Phase I and II environmental site assessments, and monitored construction, reclamation and remediation of oil and gas facilities.

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