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Shawn Daschuk
Curtis Riou
Corey Linnen
Randy Slater
Darren Gordon
Lorne Sullivan
Justin Maines
Breann Lamnek
Lacey Teasdale
Helen Ramful
Dustin Irvine
Mitch Byrt
Russ Boychuk
Adrian Olenick
Kirsten Allen
Holly Schuk
Jostein Kevinsen
Michael MacPherson
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Company Profile:

X-Terra Environmental Consulting Ltd. (X-Terra) is a close network of Environmental Consultants and Professionals committed to serving industry, striving for environmental compliance and excellence.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective services to industry, permitting project ease and acceleration. Through personal management of your projects, we promise to build and maintain effective communication and to provide consistent competence and reliability from the beginning of your projects to their completion.

Your Environment is Our Business

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